Specialty Areas

First and foremost, I love working with writers. I appreciate what it takes to complete a manuscript, and my editing approach includes respect and admiration for the writer’s work. I have experience editing in a variety of genres. It is easier to share what I do not work on because that list is shorter.

I do not work on erotica, graphic novels, and some non-fiction (scientific or math-heavy work). Other than that, I would love to hear from you to discuss your piece!

If you are wondering whether or not we might be a good match, please send me an email and we can set up a time to discuss your project. I provide a free 30-minute consultation phone call, either via video conferencing (Skype or Facetime), or just a phone call works too!

Besides novels, non-fiction, and memoirs, I specialize in these areas:

Mental health related/self-help books: As a social worker and mental health provider since 1999 and I have worked in several areas of the field which provide me with an in-depth understanding of the language, scientific background, theories, case-studies, and vastness of the mental health field. Some of the areas in which I have worked and have a deep understanding of are: serious mental health disorders, family therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, PTSD, Department of Health and Human Services, adoption, foster care, private practice, working with Veterans (OIF/OEF/Vietnam), mindfulness-based treatment, and addiction/substance-use disorders. If you have written, or are writing a book related to the mental health field/self-help and would like to work with an editor who understands the language, who will look for possible conflicts of interest regarding writing about client experiences, can contribute questions you may have overlooked and other nuanced details of writing about the important and delicate work in this field, please consider contacting me to talk about your project. As with any manuscript I work with, I consider the work to be yours alone and I am here to only help polish and look for any missing or potential conflicts for your awareness.

Memoirs: If you are working on a memoir, perhaps your own, or more of a biography-style book, I am here to help provide a guiding set of eyes. I can look for missing information that a reader may be looking for, as well as contribute questions and comments that may aid in the flow of these often complex, detailed narrative works.

Maine-based books: I grew up in Maine, then left for college and some life-work experiences, and ultimately returned to settle here for life. I have lived in mill towns, coastal towns, and spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ camp in the mountains of Western Maine. Additionally, I spent nearly 7 years working as a social worker in Maine families’ homes; getting to know their stories, their struggles, their histories, and their love for our communities. I have a deep love for life in Maine (and yes, I happen to love winter!) and my personal and professional experiences give me an insight into our communities that other editors may not understand. My love for books about Maine runs deep. Maine and its people are also the primary subjects of my personal writing.

These are the genres I personally read the most. I love them, love to edit them, and would love to work with you on yours! Mystery, YA, poetry, literary fiction, music related, outdoor/adventure/survival stories and more.

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